HK USC / UMP LOWER and STOCK Conversion

Range Report #1



Today I tested our USC conversion at the local indoor range.  200 rounds of Remington 230 grain FMJ and no problems.  The USC ran smooth with no malfunctions.  I mostly fired the UMP 25 round magazines, but I also ran a few full USC 10 round mags and also had no malfunctions.  The 10 round magazines have a little wobble left and right, but had no problems locking in, feeding, and activating the bolt catch.

Test #1 : Complete

This range test was to test the overall conversion design and the milled conversion parts.  These parts were the rear block / hinge assembly and magazine base.  The parts have not yet been anodized.  When finished they will have a matte black finish that will match the UMP lower and stock.

The screw you see attaching the stock to the block / hinge assembly will not be present in production units.  A roll pin will be used in place of this.  A correct roll pin was not available at the time of this test.

Test #2 : Scheduled for January 2005

The next range test will test all parts for this conversion.  Still to be tested is the aluminum trigger and either an aluminum sear or an aluminum magazine follower.  Test 2 will help us decide which parts we will be using in the production conversions.

Test firing Video

By right clicking on the following link and "Save target as", you can download a 10 MB video of the USC being test fired.

USC-UMP Test Fire #1 Video

Sale of this conversion

We have made parts and have started testing, but we are not 100% that we will offer this conversion to the public.  This web page is only posted for those that have been interested in our ongoing development of products.  After test 2 we will make our final decision as to weather we sell this conversion or not.  Of course we hope to offer this conversion very soon but we will not take any money or schedule any work until all tests are complete.

If this conversion is made available, we will only be supplying  the conversion parts needed to make the UMP parts work with the USC, and  the ATF required U.S. made parts so your USC can be in this configuration.

To have this work done you will need to supply the following:

1. HK USC rifle with factory fire control parts

2. HK UMP lower receiver

3. HK UMP .45 cal magazines.

4. HK UMP stock.

As of yet, we have not finalized pricing for this conversion.  We hope to have more information on this in early January.

This Conversion is for the HK enthusiasts who wants as close a copy to the HK UMP as they can get.  All key HK parts and minimal modifications.  If you want the best, this is it.

Added note:

We have tested USC 10 round magazines in this conversion and they work fine.  We will not be offering replacement parts for the 10 round magazines for ATF compliance as of yet.  If there is enough demand we could.


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